Psy 425 Week 3 Learning Team Drug-Free Workplace Evaluation Paper

PSY 425 Week 3 Learning Team Drug-Free Workplace Evaluation Paper
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Read the following scenario:
o    The Jackdaw Company manufactures designer label clothing in several locations throughout New York and New Jersey. Over the last six years the company has grown from a handful of dedicated employees to just under 100 which include production managers, sewers, administrative assistants, and delivery truck drivers. The CEO and HR department is considering instituting a companywide drug-free workplace policy along with pre-employment drug testing for new hires.  Some at the Jackdaw Company are not fully convinced that such a policy is necessary and are concerned about the costs associated with implementing a new program.  Your team of consultants has been contacted to write the company’s policy. Your team will also provide training to employees if The Jackdaw Company decides to adopt your policy.
•    Your assignment is to prepare a 2,000 – 2,500 word report for The Jackdaw Company that emphasizes the importance of a drug-free workplace and the possible cost saving benefits to the company.  When suggesting policies to help promote a drug-free workplace, include the following:
o    Key benefits associated with a drug-free workplace.
o    The prevalence of illicit and prescription drug users in the United States workforce.
o     The possible effects of drug abuse on absenteeism, accidents, downtime, turnover, theft, morale, and productivity on the company.
o    Indicate the process through which you recommend the Jackdaw Company identify substance abusing employees. (Pre-Employment? Random Screenings? Supervisor Referrals? Whistleblowers?)
o    Indicate who will you train, what will you train them on, and how will you train them.
o    Provide detailed information regarding the assistance you recommend The Jackdaw Company...