Psy 230

* Did you feel the results were accurate?
I do not feel as if this test was as accurate as it could be. I think if people dealt with the questions that are on this test every day, then I might look at it differently. I felt like this test just made it harder for me to understand how I have made it so far in life if my IQ is as low as this test said it was. I feel as if the test is only based on how fast you could answer the questions. I have never really understood how a test can tell how smart you are but in some ways it does or they would not use them.

      * Was the test biased in any way?
I am not sure biased is the right word. They do ask for your age and what gender you are. There is really no way for the test to know other things about of like your ethnic background. This might be biased to some people but if you look at it, this is the way they get the results they do. It must have something to do with how fast you answer and how many you get right for your age group and gender. I personally do not think the test was biased but by some people’s standard, yes it could very well be seen that way.

      * How do you feel about these types of scores being used to compare you with another person? Please explain.

I do not believe in comparing people, everyone is different for a reason. If someone wanted to take my test scores and compare them to another person of my age group, I really do not mind. There is always something that can be learned from someone that looks at things differently. If my test scores are going to help someone understand why people learn a certain way, try to figure out why I answered the way I did and the next person was at the other end of the spectrum, by all means use them. I just personally do not believe in comparing one person to the next, we are all different.