Psr: John Brown

PSR: Address of John Brown to the Court of Virginia
In Charles town Virginia on November 2, 1859 John Brown states his testimony and admits that he did travel to Canada with African American slaves and left them there. But he strongly states that he denies every bit of all the rumors of him supposable intending to murder, treason, destruction of property, excite or incite slaves to rebel, or to make insurrections. Although Brown never had any intentions of doing any of those things, Brown admits to what he had done was wrong in the courts eyes and agreed to take whatever punishment he felt was right. But the people of Virginia did not want to stand by it this trail was going on during the many brutal years of slavery. This is where no black man or woman had a say in what they wanted for their life. The white people did not understand why a white male would even dare to help an African American slave. It just wasn’t normal to see white people act out for slaves. So of course they tried to pin other accusations on Brown.  
Brown stood by his word and tried his best to get the message across that he was doing nothing wrong but being fair. His intensions were not for the slaves to rebel or for anyone to get any idea. He agreed with the treatment he received on trail. Though, it was not fair because he was not meaning harmful intensions, he took the treatment because they were somewhat generous compared to what they thought the court of Virginia was going to do to punish him.