The grocery store of choice is the foodland located here on the Big Island, otherwise known as sack and save. The founder of this store is   late Maurice J. "Sully" Sullivan in 1948. His vision was to have a family oriented, community focused company. He wanted his customers to have the best experience possible. Still till this day, it is proven that his vision is still alive. Over 32 stores and 2, 500 employees his vision is carried out and applied to every foodland store.

Yes, I believe the co-location is planned in this grocery store. Right when you walk in, to the left there is an American Savings Bank. The full service bank is there for those who need to do their banking and shopping at the same time. To the right of the store there is a western union counter, and also a coffee store right beside it for those who need that extra boost. Also, the full service deli, bakery, meat, and seafood counter which is located at different parts of the store. In opinion each department is carefully planned and put in the right place.

In opinion, I believe this grocery store is perfectly portioned. It's a medium size store which leaves it easy access for everything you need.

The layout in any store is important simply for customer happiness and satisfaction. If the store is really big a customer may get tired to walk around and decide to leave before seeing everything the store has to offer. If the store is too small, it may not bring enough business for the company. But, if the store is a medium size, it gives the consumers easy access to what they need as well as spending more money in the store as well.

I don't have any recommendations for the store layout. If there is one thing I would want to change, it would be the amount of cashiers they lack for busy hours.

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