Comparisons and Contrasts of Disorders

Many anxiety and mood disorders have a lot of the same symptoms which makes it harder for each disorder to be diagnosed. There is barely ever a time when a disorder could be diagnosed right away just by seeing one or even two symptoms because they have a lot in common. All of the following disorders can be treated by medication but can not completely be taken away from someone. Also, additional counseling may be needed. These disorders have some things in common but after some research, could be differentiated.
Panic disorders are very stressful to have because not only does one have a panic attack from random things at any time they also build a fear over having a panic attack. This could become a huge difficulty in someone’s life. A few symptoms of a panic disorder are: difficulty breathing, intense feeling of terror, nausea or stomachache, and sensation of choking or smothering. To treat this disorder one needs to have psychotherapy, take medication, or go to cognitive behavioral therapy.
Having OCD is somewhat similar to having a panic disorder in the way that one has a fear of something. Someone who has OCD has a fear of making mistakes, dirt, causing harm to others and a few other fears. OCD is not only having a fear of something but could also be the need for symmetry, neatness, or exactness. Panic disorders and OCD are the same in the way that they bring fear to some. Also, they are both treated the same. Someone with OCD must either take medication or go to cognitive behavior therapy.
Having bipolar disorder is something that a person can not control at any time. It is an extreme mood swing that develops in the mid-twenties. If bipolar disorder is not treated right away it could cause someone’s life to spiral downward.   It could cause problems in ones relationships, jobs, and worst of all could cause suicidal thoughts. To help treat this disorder one needs to be in psychotherapy, take medications, and could...