Provoking Heavenly Blessings

Provoking Heavenly blessings with your gifts

God is our Father so we need his blessings.
Blessing from man come with conditions.

Why people would bless you:
1. The person just feels magnanimous
2. They may have been prompted by some or even by God.
3. You could ask for it
4. You provoke the blessing

The blessing that is provoked is greater than the blessing that is asked. ( as seen in Jacobs story)

Matthew 25 from vs 15
Using your talents will allow them to multiply. We all have inherent qualities inside us, things which set us apart.

Use the gift God has given you in a positive way.
If your not doing something with your gift then your doing nothing with your life which means you won't achieve your destiny.

Neman was leper so should have been banished from the city but because of his gift he live in the city and even had a house.
There is always a chance to glorify God with your gift.
To receive the full impact of your gift it must be anointed.

How to provoke heavens blessings with your gift
1. Identify your gift. You can find your gift by realising what comes to you naturally and your passionate about.
2. You need to utilise the gift because it's unique to you. If you deny your gift the church is also being denied of your gift. When you don't use your gift you will lose it.
3. Don't let circumstances stop you from using your gift. Forget the negativity and just look up.
4. You need to extend your gift. Take your gift and let it grow.
5. Glorify God with your gift this will help to provoke a blessing.