Provide Support to Maintain and Develop Skills for Everyday Life

Unit 59: Provide support to maintain and develop
skills for everyday life

A skill is something someone can do. There are different ways to maintain the skills depending on the individual and the lives they wish to live. If they are having difficulty with bathing or showering they might need support to help them maintain their personal hygiene, and possibly could need aids such as hand rails, or shower chairs. Giving an individual a walking aid to help them keep their independence with mobility like a walking frame. To keep skill development it should be based on what type of skill, if they have capacity, or have the ability to perform certain skills. You should encourage as much as possible to do things themselves.

There are different reasons why support may be needed to regain or develop skills such as if they are able to or they may not understand how to perform skills, they may not have the confidence, or have the opportunity to develop new skills, they could suffer from mental health, or learning disabilities.

By helping people maintain, regain and develop everyday skills would benefit individuals in different ways. It would help them on their self worth and self-esteem, it ensures that there are more opportunities and helps them to regain confidence and independence which can help them on working towards a better lifestyle.

We always get the service user involved in decision making and also their family involved in their care. Sometimes problems can arise with their wishes or preferences, like if they wanted something on a certain day and they had a dols in place and we as staff know this but the service user is adamant they want it. We as staff have to be able to communicate with the service user to a level which they understand to explain to them why they can't have something on a certain day but can on their set days. The best way to resolve the problem was to build trust between the staff member and service user and be able...