Provide Challenging Learning

How can I provide a challenging learning environment?
The Lifelong Learning Sector contains a wide variety of working environments, with people working and learning under very different terms and conditions. The five main areas are Community learning and development (CLD), Further education (FE), Higher education (HE), Libraries, archives and information services (LAIS) and Work based learning (WBL). A recent article published by NIACE (National Institute of Adult Continuing Education) explains that learning in the Lifelong Sector is now more important than ever to overcome the challenges that the United Kingdom is facing in the current economic climate. “To meet these challenges the United Kingdom needs an adult population that is confident and capable; engaged and empowered; enterprising and curious; cultured and reflective; and tolerant and inclusive.” (NIACE, 2010)
My particular area of expertise is within the FE sector of Lifelong Learning which is now part of the statutory education system. In Section 74 of the Education Act 2011, it states that by the school leaving date in 2015, all young people will have to stay on in education or training at least part-time, until they are 18 years old. (Education Act, 2011)
My area of specialism is in the teaching of Games Development, as a professional lecturer I support and teach the practical and technical skills needed to enable students to produce a portfolio of games design using industry software and resources programs like Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max, Adobe Photoshop, Unreal Engine. This will in turn enable them to either progress onto Foundation or BA Degree level courses, gain employment on entry level games production jobs or if they so choose it would support them into freelance games production work.
After reading the article ‘Walking into a Dark Room’ by L. Spenceley, I felt that I could relate to many aspects of it, specifically the need to live up to the stereotype of the traditional teacher. “They...