Provide Body Treatments


Most body electrical treatments are used as a part of a program designed specifically for clients to allow them to lose weight or reshape their body.   Electrical equipment may be introduced:
  * When the client is trying to lose weight through a particular diet – the electrical equipment can increase the effectiveness of the diet.
  * To provide a variety of treatment to motivate and keep the client interested throughout the program.
  * When only specific areas need to be treated to enable localized reduction in size and shape.
It must be stressed to the client that the use of electrical equipment alone is not enough to lose weight or shape the body.   To benefit from the program effectively the client need:
  * To follow a well-balanced diet
  * To increase the amount of physical exercise
  * The application of appropriate body treatments
The electrical treatments available are:
  * G5
  * Vacuum massage
  * Direct high frequency
  * Indirect high frequency
  * Galvanic machine
  * Faradic machine
  * Steamer
  * Infrared lamp
Manual treatments available include:
  * Full body massage
  * Back massage
  * Full body exfoliation
  * Full body brush

This machine has several different applicator heads.   They are all used during treatment to achieve a deeper massage through the whole body:
  * Sponge heads are used for effleurage
  * Hard rubber heads are used for petrissage
  * Spiky brush heads are used to produce similar effects of tapotement
Effects of G5
  * Stimulates the circulation system, increasing blood supply to the area being treated, so providing nourishment to the skin and muscles and improving skin colour.
  * Improved lymphatic drainage assists in the reduction of cellulite.
  * Desquamates dead skin cells.
  * Relaxes tense muscles
  * Eases muscular pain.
  * Penetrates deep into the subcutaneous layer helping the dispersal of fatty tissue.
  * Motivates the...