A dog won’t forsake its master because of poverty. (Chinese)

An advantage of poverty: your relatives gain nothing by your death. (Yiddish)

Hard is the path from poverty to renown. (Roman)

Honest poverty is thinly sown. (French)

If poverty be your lot, knock only at large gates. (Egyptian)

Kin or no kin, woe to him who has nothing. (Italian)

Large desire is endless poverty. (Indian)

No harsher masters than poverty and want. (Dutch)

Nothing to be got without pains but poverty. (French)

Painless poverty is better than embittered wealth. (Greek)

Patiently bear the burden of poverty. (Roman)

Poverty and anger do not agree. (Egyptian)

Poverty and hunger have many learned disciples. (German)

Poverty and misfortune travel hand in hand. (Mexican)

Poverty dulls the wits. (Japanese)

Poverty follows the poor. (Yiddish)

Poverty has no kin. (Italian)

Poverty hides wisdom. (Yiddish)

Poverty hinders the greatest talents from advancing. (Roman)

Poverty is a daughter of vice. (French)

Poverty is a sort of leprosy. (French)

Poverty is cunning: it catches even a fox. (German)

Poverty is death in another form. (Roman)

Poverty is no crime. (Spanish)

Poverty is no disgrace, but it is a great inconvenience. (Roman)

Poverty is no disgrace, but no honor either. (Yiddish)

Poverty is no sin. (Italian)

Poverty is no sin, but it is a branch of immorality. (Spanish)

Poverty is not possessing few things, but lacking many things. (Roman)

Poverty is shunned and treated as a crime throughout the world. (Roman)

Poverty is the sixth sense. (German)

Poverty makes a man mean. (Roman)

Poverty makes quarrels. (Korean)

Poverty makes sadness. (Irish)

Poverty makes strange bedfellows. (English)

Poverty never sped well in love. (Portuguese)

Poverty parts friends. (Portuguese)

Poverty parts good company. (Irish)

Poverty shows itself first in the face. (Yiddish)

Poverty shows us who are our...