A Start to Eradicating World Hunger Carolyn Means
              Professor Danielle Schleicher English 112
              Ivy Tech Community College April 3, 2014

            A Start to Eradicating World Hunger

“I want to find a cure to end world hunger.” This was the common response that I heard as a little girl raised on Food Stamps, from the contestants running for The Miss Universe Pageant. Growing up watching pageants and after school inspirational shows, many young Americans were exposed to hope for ending world hunger. Hunger is one of the most major problems facing humans and the world’s economy, even here in the United States. There is no single solution for this issue; there must be a collective of solutions. If you want to change the world, you must do so one person at a time and the first place to start is right here at home. By placing restrictions on food stamps and requiring the participants to follow a nutrition/fitness program, America can cure its hunger problem and boost its economy.

Hunger is an issue for humans all over this planet. Many solutions have been proposed and even implemented to work towards resolving this problem. No man, woman, or child should ever die of hunger and I believe it to be the world’s problem and together it takes a world effort to fix. Like an antivirus, the solutions need to start small and after positive results, the solutions can spread until the disease called starvation is eradicated. America is such a powerhouse of influence, if the United States can make these solutions work, then the rest of the world could learn from our example. First there needs to be restrictions of the foods and beverages available for purchase with food stamps to only those with nutritional value, similar to the WIC program. Second, America could generate healthier, more productive citizens by requiring the recipients of food stamps to follow a nutrition program that would educate them in making the best choices in food...