Pros on Same Sex Marriage

Rajini Babasanta
AP Language and Comp
Same Sex, For The Win!
Homosexual couples deserve as many rights as heterosexual couples have. On the topic of adoption, gay couples should also have the ability to adopt and begin a family. Gay couples are more than eligible to adopt children for prohibiting them to do so is discriminative and two parents are better than one even if they are the same gender.
The Declaration of Independence states that every man is created equal which gives every American certain unalienable rights from the moment the he or she is born. It is not right to deprive gay couples of their rights to start a family of their own. The famous Martin Luther King Jr. had spoken about a nation where people will not be judged by the color of their skin but the contents of their character. The same rule ought to apply to same sex couples and should not be discriminated against. Gay couples should not be judged by their sexual orientation but by the contents of their character. Being gay will not change the way a person lives his or her life. Gay people still function the same way as any other individual would. They are still people who eat, sleep, drink, learn, speak, walk, care, love so on and so forth. Sexual orientation should not be the way to judge someone’s parenting. Good parents don’t evolve from being with someone of the opposite gender but the way they take care of their child.

Two parents are always better than just having one. Single parents are always met with difficulties with raising a child. Gay couples would be able to offer full time parental supervision to a child as compared to a single parent who would always have to be working in order to support the child. The adopted child would also automatically have two loving parents by his or her side. Two legal parents are always a pro in a sense that their child would be more eligible to have additional inheritance and child-support rights. With studies also showing...