Pros of Immigration


      To: Professor
      From: Student
      Date: May 14th, 2010
      Re: Pros of Immigration in the United States


      United States has always has been the land of opportunities and possibilities. The American dream has attracted immigrants from all around the world to seek a better life. United States has benefited from immigration in many ways. It has increased the diversity and culture, boosted the economy, and gave opportunity to many people from poor countries for better life.

      Pros for Immigration in the United States

      The misconception that immigrants take away jobs has been widely spread by people who are prejudiced against immigration. There are not many Americans who would be willing to do the low-paid jobs that immigrants do such as housekeeping, bussing tables, mopping floors, etc. As a matter of fact, no one could take away something that has not belonged to anyone. The cost reductions that the businesses benefit from, because of the cheap labor, are “eventually passed on to the consumer” and “the goods can be sold at a lower price.” (Benefits of Immigration, n.d.) Furthermore, immigrants usually possess skills that are sought by many employers and many times are scares on the labor market. The employers utilize those skills to add better quality to their products and services.

      America offers myriad of opportunities for people to advance in their careers and social lives. Many immigrants with high ambitions and skills open their own businesses because their own countries offer just limited opportunities for advancement. “America offers numerous ways for a “nobody” to become great.” (Messerli, 2008) By opening businesses, immigrants create new jobs and enhance the economy.

      America has been known as the “melting pot” because of the diverse cultures and customs people bring when they settle here. United States is the country that has the most diversity of races,...