Proposition 19

Proposition 19
Yolanda Galvan
Comm 215
October 11, 2010
Lisa Van Mater
Proposition 19
      Pot growers have opposed it.   Some police have favored it.   Polls show the public being   deeply divided.
      California has been known as the land of hippies and the famous comedians Cheech and Chong but in this state more closely associated with marijuana than any other, the ballot measure to legalize pot has exposed California’s notorious relationship with the drug.
      As the November election nears Proposition 19 has become much more than the pros and cons of the drug, marijuana.   Many people argue that this could help California recover from the economic devastation, by making marijuana legal.   Proposition 19 recent polls have indicated that it is a close call 49 percent pro and 42 percent against.   Proponents of the state say the measure is a way for the struggling state and it’s cities to raise badly needed capital.   Legalizing the industry would create jobs while eliminating violent criminals who would profit off the illegal drug trade.
      I think this would eliminate the drug cartels and drug gangs from competing to sell the illegal drug.   Once marijuana is legalized like alcohol and tobacco the medical marijuana business could be taxed therefore bringing in revenue for California.
      Supporters, including a group of former and current law enforcement officials, have called attention to the failure of the so called “War on Drugs” to put a dent in pot production in California, and they say police could concentrate on more serious crimes.
      Some oppose the legalization of medical marijuana because it would encourage the cycle of theft and violence-driven by people who need money to buy drugs.
      The state district attorney’s groups have come out publicly against Proposition 19 as have many county governments, the state’s biggest newspapers and Governor Schwarzenegger.

      Under the proposed law adults 21 and older could possess up to...