Certified Contractors
Econ 561

    Being a homeowner, you always have to deal with some sort of problem in your home that will cost time and money to fix. Most homeowners these days are not DIY (do it yourself) inclined so instead of spending time to do it, they rather pay somebody who knows what they are doing to fix the problem in their home. The Home Depot is introducing a new service called “Certified Contractors”. This new service is geared toward those customers. The service also specializes in doing contract repairs for the elderly and disabled. This will build strong relationships with the customers and community. The program ranges from simple around the house repair up to whole house remodels including add-ons and new construction. From and economic standpoint, we will be meeting the demands of customers who cannot do it themselves.
    By Home Depot providing this wonderful service to our customers, we are meeting the demands of our customers. With reasonable pricing starting at $50.00 for basic repair, we are beating independent contractors who usually charge double the price for a simple repair. Home Depot is backed by a 1 year warranty on labor and the product the customer purchase for installation has its manufacturer’s warranty and also the customer has 90 days to return the product if it does not function correctly. As you can see we are meeting the demands for the “do it for me” customer and providing a great service as well. On an average day about 30% of customers that shop the Home Depot, do not know how to start let alone know what they need for the project or repair that they are trying to accomplish. So the Home depot feels that we can help that 30% by meeting that demand head on and making that customer feel appreciated so they want to shop with us time and time again.
    The fixed costs will be insurance, bonding fees, and any other licenses or permits that are required for the...