Kochis/BIS 353a/Au10
The Policy Research Proposal

  * The policy research proposal is a competitive request for support to carry out a major research project.   The proposal must convince the person or group giving the support that your idea for research is worthwhile and credible. You can imagine it as an application for a $15,000 grant to carry out your research for the next three months and you must convince the granting agency that your research matters and is worth funding.  

  * Students are free to choose any current human rights case, subject to approval by the instructor.   In choosing a case, the following apply:   1)   the case must engage at least one country other than the United States; 2)   the case must be specific, i.e., a specific person or incident, and not just a topic, 3)   the case must be within the last five years, and 4)   each student must have a different case.

  * Your proposal should be 5 pages (maximum) and conform to the rules of Writing Guidelines found elsewhere on this web site.   On the specifics of writing a research proposal, you might want to consult the following:

Creswell, J.   2003.   Research design:   qualitative, quantitative, and mixed
methods approaches.   2nd ed.   Thousand Oaks, CA:   Sage;

which can be found in the library, or the following web site which gives excellent step-by-step instructions:

  * Your proposal must follow standard guidelines for research proposals; it must be detailed, and set up a serious research agenda for a specific human rights case.   For the purposes of this class assume that the final paper, if you were to write it, would be a 30-page research paper, i.e., the case should be sufficiently complex that you would need some space to spell out the issues and controversies.

  * You can use APA or Chicago style.   Use subheads, but each section should be in narrative prose format, not bulleted lists or outlines.

  * There are...