Proposal of Project

Project Working Title     TPD 360 (Team and Personal development -360 degree feedback)
Project outline

The trust has a strategic planning framework 2014/19 which it’s working towards. The strategic priorities includes providing high quality services and to employ the best people. The right people in each work area are a key to the organisational development.

Good leadership manages a good team. A good leader will be able to identify the positives and negatives of a team and strengthen the positives successfully and remove the negatives. To identify these qualities within a team there needs to be a structured appraisal process. This process leads to supervision and identifying the key elements in developing the team and in turn the organisation.   At present the teams have a formal process of supervision from their managers/leaders. This is on a 1:1 basis, where the team member gets feedback about himself or herself from a single persons point of view, their leader.
A more structured method in having feedback is a 360-degree feedback. This type of feedback   allow all team members to improve in key areas that might be limiting their upward career path or actually causing major conflict within a team. In today’s changing and unpredictable world organisations are continually looking for ways to improve performance. Achieving this almost inevitably involves change, which then becomes the pivotal dynamic for success. For an organisation to evolve the people working within it will have to adapt; and for this to be successful, they first of all need to know what it is about the way they are currently performing that needs to change.
Feedback provides insight about the skills and behaviors desired in the organization to accomplish the mission, vision, and goals and live the values.
Organisation’s objectives for this project

A high performance environment is created when the organisation is able to support their workforce to reach their potential. A 360 degree...