With reference to the growth of mass media within the context of the late nineteenth century you are asked to discuss the implications of technology for the rise of the poster as a cultural form. You should also consider the impact the poster had on changing attitudes within society. Illustrations should be included.
This question in my opinion is great for understand how today’s posters and their meaning was designed. Cheret was the innovative designer of posters in the 19th century; He used a technique called lithography which was widely used in the second half of the 19th century, and designers along with Cheret created increasingly colourful posters that decorated the walls of cities, publicising events, travelling entertainment shows, and household products. Cherets lithographic design shaped the way posters are produced and how things are advertised, which is another reason for me choosing this essay question, the advertising prospect from this design is great, and how the image is portrayed is amazing. 19th century posters changed people’s attitudes, towards society, creating the ‘new women’, me being a female myself finds it interesting how women are portrayed in such ways and I find it interesting and bold that these statements were made in the 19th century. I find the sex appeal in most of the posters of the 19th century very interesting considering the time they were made, looking at a number of key posters from Cheretand Lautrec, would help me identify what exactly is being said in the time of 1890 about the ‘new women’. The Art Nouveau stage of the 19th Century was a key movement in which I am keen to explore considering posters at that time, I would be looking at the Belle Epoque and the posters designed by Cheret again to gain knowledge of the movement in question.
Posters in the first hundred year s of their existence have had a curious relationship with paintings. Besides translating the visual art movements of the twentieth century into...