Promoting Inclusion

Promoting Inclusion – Theory 3

I have been fortunate enough to spend the last sixteen, or so, months working for an organisation specifically set up to help people with disabilities, have an equal place within the job market. However, I know that I still have much to learn about ensuring that everyone not only feels included, in my training sessions, but actually are included.
Inclusion is ensuring that everyone feels that they belong and that they are respected. For a trainer or teacher it is giving the same level of supportive energy and commitment to everyone in your classroom, so that all of your students can do their best work.
To promote inclusion in my sessions I will do my best to find out before hand, if any of my learners have any special requirements. Working for an organisation like Access to Business, I am in the privileged position of having access to a lot of equipment designed to meet a diverse range of learning needs. All of our training facilities are located on the ground floor, we have desks with adjustable height settings and software installed on our computers that can read out text and accept voice commands. Whilst I may not always work for Access to Business, the lessons I learn there I can take with me to ensure all my students have the best learning experience I can give them.
An activity that I believe most would enjoy is setting the group’s ground rule, in this way you get the whole group to think about how to respect each other. Asking the students to draw their Ideas rather than just write them and allow lots of hands on learning, so that they can play with what they have learnt and express their own ideas. Another way to ensure inclusion is simply to ask people what they need, as everyone has individual needs and the person you are asking is in the best position to tell you, rather than just assuming you know what they need.

Equality is the right of all people to be included in activities...