Promoting Child Development

E8- Reflect on your own role in understanding and promoting children’s development
In order to promote children’s development it is important to reflect on my own practice.
1- I would apply alternative observation methods on children, depending upon the
developmental area observed.
2- I would learn how to make use of the observations, by assessing what children know and
can do in particular contexts for learning and development.
3- I would be objective and analytical and take feed back from my collegues.
4- I would make sure to promote equal opportunities and anti discriminatory practice, ensuring
that all children and families feel included and valued. (EYFS card1.2)
5- I would scaffold learning through a range of strategies. Example, open ended learning
6- I would provide a secure environment , where the children would venture risk taking.
7- i would plan and create learning environments which are challenging, stimulating and
8- I should be aware of my strengths and weaknesses in order to leverage on my strengths,
while making an effort to overcome the weaknesses.
9- I would use children’s prior understanding and experiences to scaffold and plan out their
daily activities.
10- I need to observe and assess the children individually to select an appropriate time for
learning activities.
11- It would be important for me to recognize my role during a session. I need to learn about the
‘hands off’ role, when to intervene and when to sit back and observe.
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A-Evaluate the importance of understanding the interplay between theory and practice.
In order to develop good practice it is important for me to venture theories into my practice.
Though Piaget’s all theories are not completely accurate, they give too little credit to the cognitive
abilities of infants and young children, they under estimates the role of private speech and social
interaction with caregivers. But i would bring into practice Piaget’s...