Promote the Well Being and Resilience of Children and Young People

Karen Lennon


Promote the well-being and resilience of children and young people.


In my setting we work with many families from deprived areas, there are many factors that will help promote the well being of children, poor housing such as dampness ,over crowding   poor health, poor diet, lack of money, lack of exercise not enough rest and sleep will all hinder childrens progress and have a negative effect on their well-being. We support children and their parents to make the right choices we promote nurturing courses   about lifestyle, health and healthy eating, encouraging them to make right choices and providing support so that they feel confident in making the right choices for them and their childrens health


It is very important for childrens development that they are healthy and we need to promote resilience and well being in our centres. This will help build up their self esteem and confidence. The children will be able to become independent, progress through their milestones and interact with others and cope with every day events through out life in the wider community.


In our setting we encourage all the children to participate in all activities. We plan each session appropriately   for the ages and abilities of the children that attend, we involve all parents and carers in what activities they would like their children to take part in, it is very much their centre so they give us plenty of positive feedback of what they want to do.


We work with the parents to promote well-being within our centres, we encourage them to play with their children and to join in all the activities with them, children need good role models to copy and learn how to behave and interact with others so that they become   well rounded adults and succeed in life.


Social and emotional identity is very important to the childrens well being as it will help them become a valued member of their community, gives them a sense of identity...