Promote Professional Development

Unit 2 - Promote professional development
1- 1.1 - The main principles of professional development include: being able to improve your personal relations with others, producing better work outcomes, improving communication with others and to make yourself self-aware.

In the setting I work in we employ sessional staff, many of whom are in university studying a teachers or social work degree and the rest will already work in schools, with children with disabilities and in mainstream schools. To ensure that the staff are safe in working within our service, an induction is mandatory and then they will continuously undertake training sessions to develop and improve their skills whilst working within our service. We also offer group supervision sessions where workers can come together to talk about issues that they encounter in the work place and on the groups they work on and share good practice ideas and this also promotes team bonding.   Information in childcare is being updated continuously and therefore we encourage our workers to attend continual training sessions they are constantly improving their knowledge and practice.
1- 1.2 However I have found with the work force the barriers we face is that not all staff can attend training sessions due to their own time constraints and also that the training sessions are offered at a time when they are either working with a young person, at school or training session. To try and overcome this and also to ensure that staff can access training, we will employ an outside trainer and deliver the training sessions more regularly during the day and in the evening and sometimes on weekends as this means that everyone will have a chance to attend. School holidays are also a perfect time to put on training as most of our workforce will be on holiday and free to attend. We also offer on line training sessions for those who cannot attend any of the dates set out and then will discuss this with them in supervision to make sure...