Promote Equality

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Learning work book to contribute to the
achievement of the underpinning
knowledge for unit: SHC 33

Promote equality and
inclusion in health, social care
or children’s and young
people’s settings
Credit value 2

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Unit SHC 33

Page 2

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This workbook provides the learning you need to help you to
achieve a unit towards your qualification. Your qualification on the
Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) is made up of units, each
with their own credit value; some units might be worth 3 credits,
some might have 6 credits, and so on. Each credit represents 10
hours of learning and so gives you an idea of how long the unit will
take to achieve.
Qualification rules state how many credits you need to achieve and
at what levels, but your assessor or tutor will help you with this.
Awarding Organisation rules state that you need to gather evidence
from a range of sources. This means that, in addition to completing
this workbook, you should also find other ways to gather evidence
for your tutor/assessor such as observed activity; again, your
assessor will help you to plan this.
To pass your qualification, you need to achieve
performance criteria for each unit.
qualification may contain essential units and
optional units. You’ll need to complete a certain
amount of units with the correct...