Promote Communication in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings

Identify the different reasons people communicate

People communicate for different reasons, such as the desire to express their ideas and emotions, to obtain and receive information from others, or simply to get to know another person for relationship building. Communication encompasses more than talking, and covers non-verbal communication techniques such as touch, facial expression and written communication. Communication is the basis of all relationships, whether personal or professional, and is regardless of the nature of the communication.

Explain how communication affects relationships in the work setting

Relationships are vital in a work setting as they involve the building of trust and understanding between people, and this inevitably makes it easier to work with or alongside others. Working relationships are particularly important when working as part of a team of colleagues and/or professionals; it is vital to work effectively together and share the workload. Therefore, it is important to respect the expertise and value of the work of others you work with to develop good relationships, as this results in a team that will cooperate together and trust each other. When working with patients that require support, the development of relationships are key. Patients will want to work with someone they believe is honest, trustworthy and can make them feel safe and supported. Once they believe they are working with someone who has their best interests at heart, they are more likely to feel confident towards achieving the outcomes they have identified.

Describe the factors to consider when promoting effective communication

When promoting effective communication it is important to focus on factors of communication, such as facial expression and tone of voice, as these may create a greater impression than the words spoken. One factor which is very important in promoting effective communication is the use of our eyes in conversation,...