Project Outline

The purpose of this project is to set out an approach to procurement for a discount clothing retailer in order to answer the question set below:
Due to the credit crunch there are no more IT roles. You have been redeployed into a discount clothing retailers. You are required to set up a new supply chain and working with commercial and training teams to source goods for their 2011 collections. You should show how you would develop a sourcing plan, risk and vulnerability plan and a negotiation plan.
Consider the full spectrum of supply chain management from sourcing, managing specification through to post contract and monitoring of performance.

Its scope will cover all aspects of the discount clothing retail sector supply chain. In particular it will focus on the procurement process from source to contract and post contract supplier performance management. Research undertaken will be primarily a literature review from a variety of sources including xxx, xxx, xxx. In addition this project will make use of existing case studies on the discount retail sector xxx, xxx,xxx. Finally a number of retailers will be contacted directly to gain first hand accounts of real experiences.  
Literature review- Best practice retail and Case Studies, interviews with contacts with experience in the clothing retail sector,
This project is planned to take around 6 months to complete. The timetable of events is outlined below :
Receive feedback from Proposal and incorporate in to approach
Complete Literature Review
Complete Interviews
Submit project detail
Receive Feedback and incorporate
Submit Final Report
Time available, based on available literature, opinions of small group, time taken to receive feedback from CIPs and mentor

Current state analysis- spend, budget, resources, supply base, risk assessment- financial, security of supply
Create Plan of Action
Source to Contract
Specification of requirements...