Project Management Proposal

Project Management Performance
Project management is an important aspect of any business, and in the health care industry it is no different.   Being able to manage productivity is a vital role of operation management since there is always a need to focus on reducing cost and increase productivity.   “Productivity is an overall measure of the ability to produce a good or service. More specifically, productivity is the measure of how specified resources are managed to accomplish timely objectives as stated in terms of quantity and quality” (Productivity concepts and measures, n.d.).
In a hospital setting there are many areas in which performance needs to be evaluated, and should be evaluated in order to improve productivity and reduce cost.   In regard to hospitals foodservices, reducing cost is an important aspect that can bring into the hospital good profit.   In order to be able to reduce the bottom line cost and improve productivity by being able to maintain better control over the many different aspects involved in this area.
The foodservice area in Trinity General Hospital really needs management attention for solutions.   Presently there are two supervisors, three cooks, four prep technicians, and six cashiers whose average work time is about eight hours daily and their wages hourly is $7.00.   “The total food supply expense is $500 per day and more than 1400 patients and guest meals served daily” (Langabeer, 2008, p. 135).   Before being able to implement productivity solutions, there really needs to be an evaluation of the present situation of the department.   Identifying the specific areas or factors needing improvement will help lower labor costs while improving productivity.  
Constraints Measurement
Measuring the growth of productivity can be imputed by the data that is available.   Data helps in providing real measurements of productivity.   Constraints can impact productivity measurements.   As a manager, specifically a project manager, understanding...