Name: Chris Connelly

    I. Site and Group: Boys and Girls club of Farmville- Youth-7-12
    II. Needs Assessment
        After reviewing and spending time with the Youth at Farmville Boys and Girls club, what seems to be the area that needs to be focused on is the fact of team building and leading perspective. Studies shows that the best concept to use with this group would be team building and leading programs. Many youth could become at-risk at some point in there life and knowing leadership skills could allow them to decide what’s right and what’s wrong. The parents agree to this conclusion and partake in these actions with there youth at home.
  III. Program Date(s)—4-5:30 p.m Tuesdays- Thursday
    IV. Program Plans (you need two)

        (a) Step One: Concept
        Socializing skills concept would be a great step to help build team building attributes for the youth. Allowing them to freely discuss situations and become a partner to choose the ways to accomplish a goal.

        (b)   Step Two: Outcomes
        -For the youth at Boys and Girls club in Farmville it allows the youth to become aware and acknowledge of there fellow peers and become closer and building relationships between one another.
        - It helps build communication skills, as well at the same time it allows them to find out more of there peers likes and dislikes

        (c) Step Three: Frame
        Tell the each individual child to explain one thing they like to do for fun to the class and write it down- allowing youth to be familiar with one another interest.

        d) Step Four: Program Activities-
          -Like hat match-matching each individual likes to one another, after picking it out of a hat.

        e) Step Five: Reflection Plan
          Have the Youth discuss to one another why they like to do that activity for fun and how often do they do activity. Discussion