Program Planning

To: Rhonda Grayson
From: Terrance Kindles
Date: February 19, 2016

Rhonda, my dear friend,
As you know, I recently inquired about the program director at Royalty House- the humans service organization dedicated to helping homeless youth. As you have been a program manager for several years, I wanted to get your feedback on several concepts.
Royalty House is a program that is geared towards homeless youth, offering a plethora of benefits- counseling, housing assistance, shelter, job placement, legal help, etc. It has come to my attention that Royalty House needs additional funding and a rework of the organization’s budget. To this effect, my first course of action is to conduct a Needs and Problem Assessment to determine what areas of the program are needed by our targeted population. Because the agency has been ongoing for 10 years, I plan to use descriptive research to evaluate the needs of the past versus the needs of the present versus the needs of the future.
A Service Delivery Model is needed to determine if our input- methods of operation, staffing, and interventions- exceed our output- services provided by the organization and results of any interventions. During this time, I will also measure the outcomes of Royalty House to see if there are positive changes in our targeted population.
I also plan to develop a theory on the need of Royalty House and its benefit to the community. This theory will help me plan a course of action for evaluative research. As I said before, the program is ten years old and I think there is a need for new practices.
So Rhonda tell me what you think of my plan of action so far. Sometime within my first month of tenure, I plan to meet with the board of directors with these actions to inform them that the purpose of this evaluation is not only for the continued benefit of our targeted population, but also for expansion.

Thank you and best regards,
Terrance Kindles