Profit Motivated Healthcare

The United Sates is the only industrialized nation that uses profit motivated healthcare. While the other industrialized countries provide healthcare to everyone regardless of their economic situation.   There are many motives behind the high cost of health care in America which makes it unaffordable to many people. Things such as premiums in the health care industry continuing to soar. The price keeps going up and the only person seeing a result is the Doctor. It has come to a point in our healthcare industry where the patient is no longer the number one priority. If you are insured there is easy access to Doctors with short wait times but if you are uninsured you have to jump through hoops because the cost of seeing a primary care doctor is too high. All in all there are voids in many areas of healthcare that need to be of prominent concern in order for the industry to work. Issues like paying for therapy but not for prevention. In many low income government funded situations insurance will pay for you to seek help but does not go as far to taking the extra step so the problem is not reoccurring. This is money spent that could easily be saved.   With this being said profit motivated healthcare is a good thing if you have the right job and pay the right amount for good coverage but in most households in the United states this is not the case.   Many people find the answer to this issue to be taking on industrialized health care.
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