 I was promoted to the Team leader position in 2004. The team leader environment I work in is in the cable industry extrusion and coax, braiding departments. I am currently in charge of 12 operators and my main   responsibilities are handing over key manufacturing information to the different shifts, take over of the department, team briefs, priority of work and customer demand coming through the factory and monitoring its progress.

 Solving any process or machine related issues that may occur which the operator is unsure. Input of data figures from the previous shift, manning and machine allocation

 Other responsibilities are to make sure operatives have the correct documentation, materials, and product and are carrying out quality checks when required. Also responsible for discipline, holidays, training, and annual reports

 Led and been involved with factory experiments and production trials for new materials and new products. I have been a constant member of the site Kaizen programme which is focused at carrying out improvements to the manufacturing process aimed at reducing downtime, change over time, health and safety and direct cost savings such as cheaper alternatives to current tooling, machinery etc.

 Improved   extrusion line increasing the output to 32 klm   per day, this in turn was 20% increase of product
Performance across all shifts, output from 135klm to 160 klm per week. Total was an overall production increase of 300klm per year. This potentially increased the sales by £90,000 per year.


 Led and was involved in implementing TPM onto various machines through kaizen events which gave the operators more responsibility of maintaining their machines.   Cleanliness and reliability of machines improved significantly as operators took on a series of daily, weekly and monthly 'fitness checks'. We encouraged the operators to feel ownership of their machines and to treat them as their own. This proved a...