Proffession of Arms

In a perfect world the Army would without a doubt be a “Profession of Arms”, a           professional organization with professional Soldiers all striving to accomplish the     mission for the welfare of the United States. However, the definition of what it takes to be a Professional Soldier according to the White Paper on the “Profession of Arms” which discusses the attributes needed to be a Professional Soldier are no longer an important factor when it comes to joining the Army. Because of this, the United States Military is not a “Profession of Arms” for several reasons.
First of all, today’s Soldier doesn’t always join to be a part of the call of duty, to defend the nation, or for the satisfaction of a job well done; they join to get a steady job. As a member of the military, I have seen a dramatic decline in the professional quality of Soldiers enlisting in the military. I feel that you must first commit to being a Soldier and honor our military traditions. Instead Soldiers are joining the military because of the ever-growing need to survive in an economic crisis. Once you secure a job in the military, it is yours; there are no layoffs. Apart from a steady paycheck and fulltime employment, the Army has additional benefits and enlistment bonuses. For those who are married with dependents, there is additional pay, such as, basic allowance for housing (BAH) and basic allowance for sustenance (BAS). Depending on the duty location BAH can be several thousand dollars, which can be considered extra income.
I had a Soldier in Korea, and he joined the military for the medical benefits because his wife needed a very expensive type of medical treatment. The military has the best medical benefits. Soldiers and their family members receive comprehensive health care providing for general health care, dental, and vision is another reason why Soldiers join or stay in the military. Rising medical costs and skyrocketing insurance premiums can make it difficult to afford...