SAT Test -
Monday thur Friday
Testing Tips
  1. Be rested – Get to bed.
  2. Eat Something – Have something for breakfast, even if it’s not the normal thing. A protein for breakfast is a really good thing (eggs, peanut butter, a chicken leg)
  3. Bring 2 new pencils – no mechanical pencils.
  4.   Have a fruit snack ready for break time.
  5. Don’t Stress, just do your best.
We will have no homework this week or tests.

In being sure that we do our best as we finish 2nd grade, I have begun taking grades on class work. This means that any work that is assigned during the week can be graded.   This goes for spelling and Bible workbook pages and seatwork.
In the grading of this work, I am taking in to consideration the completeness and neatness of work and the handwriting.   The class usually has 2 days to finish seatwork.   So, if they are working diligently there should be no reason they can not be finished.
Our school policy for this work says, “In the lower school, students in 1st and 2nd grades who fail to turn in homework or classwork or who turn in homework or classwork that is not acceptable (messy, incomplete, ect.) will have one school day to correct or complete the work. However, they may not receive a grade higher than a 79 on the assignment. Work that is more than one day late will receive a zero. Incomplete or messy homework or classwork will be corrected/completed by the next school day for a maximum of a 79.”
As you know this has been the policy for our homework all year, now I am including classwork as well.
Thank you for all that you do to be sure that your child receives the best education possible.
Mrs. Brower