Professional Values, Ethics, and Career Success

Many different things in life will impact the success in a person’s career. When thinking about a person’s career a person must consider how much he or she knows about their current job, how qualified they are to perform their job and how this job will help a person gain the knowledge that he or she needs to gain a better job. A person rarely thinks about how professional values and ethics play a role in gaining that better job. Knowing and understanding what professional values and ethics are will help a person gain a successful career.
Professional values are not something that is discussed on a regular basis.   A value is a relative worth, merit, or importance.   Examples of professional values would be to do no harm, remember that honesty is the best policy, and stay balanced.   Jane Smith, eHow Contributing Writer, says “Professional values are the principles that guide your decisions and actions in your career.”   Before decisions are made, a person must first investigate and see if the decision will have a negative effect.   By making decisions that will have a positive effect for the participating individuals will prevent harm. As a professional, being honest will take a person a long way.   A person must be honest in everything that they do whether they are   working with a team or working individually.   Many people will respect a professional who is honest rather than one who is not.   A person can live a simple life with full potential by balancing work and home.   Staying balanced will not only make a better professional, but it will prevent the professional from being over consumed in their professional career.   These examples can be read in Beating the 24/7: How Business Leaders Achieve a Successful Work/Life Balance, online at, and in Wharton on Making Decisions.
Business ethics and a professional career go hand in. According to (1996-2009), “Ethics are considered the moral standards by which people judge behavior.” This...