Professional Presence

CS204: Professional Presence
Professor: Jo Anne Bolivar
Assignment # 2
Magida Taracena Andonie

The scenario that I chose was the one of a medical professional. When a think or a medical professional what comes to my mind are either doctors or nurses. The person that I pictured looks quite professional to me. First of all what made the person professional was the way she was dressed. I’m assuming she is a nurse and she was wearing a neat uniform. I mean it didn’t have holes; I didn’t see any body art in her when it comes to tattoos and piercings. Her earring weren’t distracting or anything likes that as well.
When it comes to a medical professional the appearance is very important because it affects the patients trust of that person. As far as its communication skills she looks like a person who treats patients politely and with courtesy. Medical professionals need to respect patients view and specially their privacy and dignity. What I saw that wasn’t very professional is that she wasn’t wearing an identification badge. This is important because patients can identify people faster.
In order to be a good medical professional means that the doctor or nurse must have a relationship bade in trust between their profession and the general public. Patients are expected to be treated the right way, be informed the truth and be treated with respect. I the end it is all about having a partnership between the doctor and patient based on mutual sincerity, respect, and trustworthiness.
I have always thought that fist impressions do count. A professional who doesn’t take time to keep up with a professional look really shows that the image of actually not being able to do their job right. The appropriate attire for someone on my profession would be to wear a suit or skirts. In most cases the tie is optional but it has to be a conservative one. When it comes to shoes they should be back and not dirty meaning polished. Jewelry should be too big and hair should...