Professional Knowledge

Professional Knowledge and Abilities Paper
Margaret Macy
May 24, 2010
Brett Stephenson

Professional Knowledge and Abilities Paper
When I think of the word organization, I think of helping others., 2010 defines the word organization as a group of people who work together. That is the goal for most organizations; they help those in need. However, some organizations in this world have a main goal to steal from people rather than help. Those types of organizations usually do not stay around long but the harm they may cause people can last a life-time. An organization whose sole purpose is to help others in need is the Habitat for Humanity.
I was first made aware of Habitat for humanity in 2009. I was looking for a place to conduct community service during my free time. I went to the organizations website,, 2010 to find exactly what the organization was indeed about. The website has a fact sheet that stated the organization was found in 1976 by Millard Fuller and his wife Linda. The habitat’s main goal is to bring people of different races, religions, and backgrounds together in partnership with families in need. To date habitat for humanity has assisted in building 350,000 homes and has help more than 1.75 million people over the world.
The Habitat for Humanity contributes toward increasing professional knowledge and abilities to the world by making apprentices out of the people who volunteer. Not every volunteer walks onto the job sites with full knowledge of how to build a house. The professionals at Habitat are there to teach each volunteer exactly what to do when building a house. Those volunteers then move onto other projects and teach new volunteers with the Habitat the same knowledge that those individuals were taught. Volunteering with the Habitat for Humanity is like doing on-the-job training. A person can be train on how to build a house without ever stepping a foot...