Professional Knowledge and Abilities


Professional Knowledge and Abilities
Andrea Singleton
University of Phoenix
Gen 200
Shazia Ali
February 1, 2010

Professional Knowledge and Abilities
In today’s job market professional knowledge and abilities are a necessity.   With unemployment so high, employers obtain the right to be fastidious in their requirements for an applicant.   For that reason, it is important to graduate from college with a degree and complete an internship to create added marketability.   In addition, an applicant would be well advises to enhance his or her resume through a membership with a professional organization.   An excellent example of an organization that promotes knowledge and abilities is the American Red Cross.
The American Red Cross is a nonprofit organization founded in 1881 by Clara Barton.   The Red Cross is the nation’s number one emergency response organization. It facilitates unbiased humanitarian care to victims of war and devastating natural disasters.   It is also one of the most efficient organizations in the world with an average of 92 cents out of every dollar spent going to its humanitarian services and programs. Its infrastructure is in place and well established throughout the nation enabling little funding waste through administration.   In addition to disaster relief the Red Cross offers aid in five other areas: community service for the needy, support and comfort to military members and family, educational programs that promote health and safety, international relief and development programs, and is the nation’s largest supplier of lifesaving blood (American Red Cross, 2010).   The Red Cross provides knowledge and skills to more than 15 million people for emergency preparedness in their homes, communities, and world.
The Red Cross contributes to professional knowledge and abilities by providing health and safety training and emergency preparedness.   This learned information will endow an...