Professional Knowledge and Abilities

Professional Knowledge and Abilities
Wanda Perez
University of Phoenix
Gen/200 Sarah Baer
February 13, 2010

In order to achieve success in any given career path it is important to create a balance between ones’ home life and work.   It is equally important to have job knowledge and the skills and education needed for that particular career path.
In order for a person to succeed in any job industry, having the skills needed, or the ability to learn the skills is important.   Knowing your job as well other jobs in a particular industry creates a sense of job security.   In order to achieve knowledge a person must often do research, sometimes that research is online or hands on depends on two things.   These two things are; the type of job one is seeking, or working at, and the person doing the job.
A person who works with their hands, such as a carpenter, may learn more about their job with hands on approach then research done on the computer.   There are times that this job may have the need to look information up online.   The more a person learns about the job the more skills they are likely to have.
Working with organizations can help a person achieve the job knowledge needed to pursue a particular career path.   In looking into the field of juvenile justice I have looked into many organizations.   One particular organization that caught my eye was the Youth Progress association.   This organization provides skills to youth who have been in the justice and foster care systems, in order for them to succeed.     This organization provides case management that completes assessments and evaluations to place the proper level of services needed for each individual.
By working with this organization I could learn the skills I need in order to work with at risk and underprivileged youth.   Working with at risks juveniles who have been in the juvenile court system has been a goal of mine.   Working with an organization that has the same values as I do can benefit me...