Professional Knowledge and Abilities

The International Public Management Association for Human Resources is an organization devoted to the development of human resources professionals at levels and stages of their careers. IPMA-HR is a non-profit organization that is committed to giving human resources professionals the knowledge that it takes to succeed in today’s human resources environment. They offer a glossary filled with all the terminology that a professional would need. The organization offers instructional guides at low prices on interview protocol and how to conduct a successful interview. The organization offers testing information for HR professionals and also some monthly publications for HR workers to keep up with new things in the field of human resources.
This organization will aid in the development of my career in human resources in the future. The organization will give me the information and help I need in shaping my career as a human resources and also lead me in the right direction as to which branch of the human resources field that I will chose to work in. IPMA-HR member benefits give me access to information that will help me develop my career through certification programs, professional development manuals and conferences and exhibitions that will be available for me to attend and network. The organization also has a number or committees that or open for members to be active in and develop new skills.
Infusing this organization into my future in the HR world will have a major impact on my success as a professional. The organization will offer certificate programs the will allow me to prove I know what I am doing at my selected job in the HR field (Adams, 2009). With social networking coming into play these days in almost all professions, an organization like IPMA-HR will help me utilize the social media and collaborate with other HR professionals over a number of current issues (Adams, 2009). Overall I think an organization like this will help me in my career development...