Professional Knowledge and Abilities

Professional Knowledge and Abilities
Over the years I have often referred to different societies, organizations, and associations when doing research on certain topics. Some of the topics focused on my current job, some on my lifestyle, and others simply for personal knowledge. The one area that I never employed such resources for is the retail industry. I worked in the retail industry for approximately three years when I was younger, and made a return to it 18 months ago. This time around I am a supervisor and hold my own department within the store that employs me. I take pride in the condition, appearance, organization, and most of all sales within my department. I do so because my future career possibilities within the corporation are dependent upon my performance in this position. I have thus begun to seek out and use the knowledge and resources available to me via industry-related associations and organizations. Two organizations that I recently have discovered are the National Association for Retail Marketing Services, or NARMS, and the National Retail Federation, NRF.
National Association for Retail Marketing Services
The National Association for Retail Marketing provides education, research data, networking, and specialized programs to members of the retail marketing industries (NARMS, 2010). NARMS offers a wide variety of resources, from human resources information to trend reporting to podcasts and media. They also provide a job search database, obviously specific to the industry. The resource available that will offer me the greatest amount of useful knowledge are the Times and Trends reports available through their web page. NARMS currently offers many reports on how the economy has changed the consumer and how the retail industry can strategize to accommodate those changes. They also offer reports on Baby Boomer spending and eco-trends (NARMS, 2010). Each of the reports can be valuable to my success in my career.
National Retail Federation