Professional Knowledge and Abilities

Professional Knowledge and Abilities
Tyracia N Johnson
University Of Phoenix

Professional knowledge and abilities
The two organizations of interest are the American Public Human Services Association and the National Organization for Human Services. This paper will highlight the organizations intent and how they may contribute to professional knowledge and abilities as well as one’s career success.
American Public Human Services Association
The American Public Human Services Association was founded in 1930 as a nonprofit bipartisan organization of state and local human service agencies and individuals who work in or are interested in public human service programs ( Their mission is to develop and promote policies and practices that improve the health and well-being of families, children, and adults. The association educates Congress, the media, and the general public on social policies and practices while   helping   state and local public human service agencies achieve their desired outcomes in social services and other program areas and issues that affect families, the elderly, and people who are economically disadvantaged.  
This association along with many others is the heartbeat for the human services industry. Aspiring professionals such as social workers benefit from the contributions of the associations in that they consistently provided focus on realistic issues and data that takes place with the changing times and economic challenges, enabling a steady growth amongst a professional’s knowledge and abilities.  
Through the American Public Human Service Association’s mission of developing, promoting and implementing public human service policies and practices that improve the health and well-being of families, children and adults, professional are afforded the data and facts in order to stay on top of the professional obligation, therefore leading them to a path in achieving success.  
National Organization for Human Services