Professional Knowledge and Abilities

Professional knowledge and abilities paper

      How does developing professional knowledge and abilities affect career success? Well let me ask you this, would you hire an office manager who did not know how to use a copy machine, fax or computer? Most people including myself would answer that second question with a big NO. Professional knowledge and abilities have everything to do with the success of your career. In the business world you are hired for a job because of what you know and what you can do with that knowledge. Employers and companies are looking for an asset to the team. The more you know coming in and the faster you can pick up other experience the sooner you make that job a career.
      You need to learn from others who have the experience you want to gain. Connecting with people who have “been there” and “done that” would help me so I found an organization that would help me do that. The Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization or (CEO) is an organization that meets college students on their campuses and not only connects them to other students with the same goal but also with entrepreneurs already in business.
      When going in to the business world, especially with the big unknown of entrepreneurship it is best to have as much experience and knowledge as possible. C. E. O is a great organization to belong to in this case. Thought I have only recently found them, I have read their goals and can see that they are on over four hundred campuses helping students like myself network and reach their goals. I myself am looking at joining this organization because by socializing and networking with people who are in the area you want to enter, you can easily learn the do’s and don’ts of opening a business. You can learn if the area you want to go into is fully saturated with that good or service or even better you can learn from their mistakes. By networking in C.E.O I may find an investor looking to expand. What I have learned in classes is...