Professional Goals

Shawana Johnson
EdD; Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
I understand this program does not lead to licensure or a credential.

Professional Goal Statement

As with most people who choose the field of education, one of the reasons I became a teacher was the desire to affect the lives of others. Most of my students are living in a world where their parents are limited in financial and educational resources. I want them, as well as my two young sons, to see that they, on the other hand, possess unlimited potential to be successful. Consequently, my professional goals are all related to my inherent need to ensure the success of my family, my students, and my community. 

Personal/Professional Goals
My fundamental professional goal is to significantly contribute to the field of education by engaging in meaningful work. I aspire to strengthen the educational domain by devising, utilizing, and sharing curricular and instructional methods that are proven and effective.   I also intend to train other educators and publish scholarly research in the areas of curriculum, instruction, and assessment.
Without a doubt, a graduate program specializing in curriculum, instruction, and assessment would help me in my endeavors.  Learning about new educational theories and practices will help me to become a more effective teacher and educational leader in my district. 
In any school district, curriculum specialists have considerable influence over the direction that the district takes in terms of what and how students learn.  A position such as this appeals to me because a curriculum specialist is able to become more involved with the administrative aspects of education, but is still able to interact with and assist students,

Academic Experience
I graduated magna cum laude from Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia with a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology.   As an American Psychological Association Minority Fellow, I continued on to graduate from Saint...