Professional Development

In the following year I aim to improve my graduate skills to a great extent. I need to work on my academic skills to receive a higher grade in Level 5 and pass all my assignments. I plan to start working on this straight away to reduce any stress in the future. I have booked a workshop next week to help me understand quantitative and qualitative research methods, critical reading, literature sourcing and frameworks for critique. This will help me when completing assignments this year as there is a big gap between Level 4 and Level 5 in the academic skills required. I have also been reading books on how to write better essays to get a better insight on what is expected of me.
Throughout this year I will continue to manage my own learning through reflecting on feedback from a variety of sources, adopting a flexible and planned approach to study. This will help me to be more organised with my course and to balance it with my personal life outside college.
Having been out on placement in first year I have enhanced my communication skills greatly through working with others and being a member of the multi-disciplinary health care team.   I am now capable in communicating effective information, arguments and analysis. My computer skills have also improved by completing the EDCL module. This covered the key concepts of computing, the practical applications of computing and the use of computing in the workplace and society. I will continue to develop understanding and tolerance of others to enhance working relationships and using initiative and leadership to improve mutually agreed outcomes.
I am very much looking forward to my second year of adult nursing. I will continue with my hard work and hopefully it will all pay off.