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EDS 728 Mastering Professional Learning

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Professional Development Statement

8th November 2014

Student No. S13003704

EDS 728 – Mastering Professional Learning
Professional Development Statement

Motivation is the attribute that moves us to do or not to do something (Broussard and Garrison, 2004; Nicholls, 1979; Wiest et al, 2001) – it is the notion that determines individualised goals and behaviours that change the course of individual action and outcome. It is the link between desires, actions and results, but ultimately the one thing that has led me to embark upon a masters’ in education programme. Motivation is twofold; intrinsic/expressive or extrinsic/instrumental; my motivation is a combination of the two. Through undertaking masters’ level study I am expressive in the sense that it is for my own individual gain derived directly from skill and understanding (intrinsic) as well as being motivated to gain a tangible reward in the form of the masters’ qualification (extrinsic). The two are equally married in relation, with success and performance being derived much more successfully from those whom have a balance of the two fields (Atherton, 2013)
I have a true desire and passion for knowledge and learning (both intrinsic and extrinsic)but an even greater dedication in sharing my understanding with others (intrinsic). The motivation on an intrinsic level is focussed on the individual gain and self-develop gained through “seeing learners, learn”. It is driven solely by personal enjoyment and pleasure of seeing others develop and grow. Grant (2013), argues that the greatest source and influx of motivation in life is derived simply from the sense of service to others. In my circumstance I would lay allegiance, as through my sense of service to others, a true level of motivation to grow, succeed and develop has been invigorated.
I am equally motivated extrinsically in the outcome of achieving a master’s level qualification due to...