Professional Development Plan

Final Project: Professional Development Plan
Edna Marange
April 3, 2011
Suzanne Devitt

The education field is one that is severely misunderstood. I look forward to this long journey that lies ahead of me. Becoming a successful, dependable, intelligent, worthy teacher will be very time consuming. The adventure of becoming a great teacher comes with many obstacles that must be crossed over. The education field is one that you must truly be comfortable with in order to succeed. There will be many days that things go wrong and especially as a new teacher, one will want to quit. There are many things that a teacher can do to expand their knowledge of the field in order to succeed. There are programs that have been started that help new teachers learn more about the field and become more comfortable in the classroom. Organizations are now available that specifically target aspects of teaching that one may not be completely comfortable in. Setting goals for oneself is a big part of entering the educational field. This is not something that is going to be easy as most believe and it will take time to adjust to how things really are. Becoming a teacher is not something that can be taken lightly because although it seems like it is simple and easy being a teacher is a lot more than obtaining a degree and passing licensure tests.
Setting professional goals has become a need in today’s society, especially as a prospective educator. I have to set goals that will lead me along the road to get to my final destination a certified teacher. Many of the goals I have set for myself will take time to get to but they all lead up to one another. In order to successfully achieve these goals I have to stay focused and committed. Finish college and obtain my degree (associate and bachelor’s) in Elementary Education from Axia College University of Phoenix. I have to successfully pass the State of Louisiana licensure programs for educators. I would like to teach in the...