Professiona Knowledge

Professional Knowledge and Abilities Paper
Diane Williams
September 12, 2010
University of Phoenix Axia College

    Professional knowledge and abilities are a very important part of one’s career. The knowledge part is a no brainer. One must research the facts and figures related to his or her field. For example, if one were to work in the field of medicine, the knowledge needed would include the types of medical systems that are available among other things. As far as abilities, one must be able to take the information and apply it to the specific field that he or she has chosen. These factors will be important to the path of one’s career. The utilization of knowledge and ability of one’s field can make or break a career. Many successful people, have used research and the application of the knowledge gleaned from that research to further their careers.
    The association I chose for an example in this paper, considering my career choice of working in a doctor’s office or working with patients is one called American Board of Medical Specialties. This association is a kind of clearing house for improving the safety and quality of medical care by working with board members that set the standards for physician specialty and education. Part of this focus involves providing products and services for public and professional use to verify physician certification. The website has a statement for purpose that reads “ Higher Standards. Better Care” ( 2010). They also help the public understand what alternate information are available to the public and help to deliver information to the customers. This is a very helpful site for those who are trying to get information on the practicing standards for physicians so that everyone will know the impact on the society in a drastically harmful way. They have a logo that they hope to make recognizable on a national scale. Considering the problems with health insurance, people may be more willing to get all the...