Productivity When Studying

Productivity in studying

Studying for tests and quizzes has never been one of my favorite things to do. I used to get very nervous and stressed when writing essays for major exams in fear of forgetting the material resulting in failure. When studying, I had a tendency to procrastinate and was usually situated in front of a TV, up late at night or with groups of people.   After reading about the importance of creating an appropriate study environment, I have reflected on what my personal peaks and valleys are, the resources I will need to study effectively,   the proper lighting, what levels of noise can I tolerate, and what current distractions that I have?

The time I feel most productive is mid morning around 11:00 am until around 3:00 pm.   I have never been an early riser and generally lose concentration late in the evening.   Ironically, when reflecting on previous exams in the past, I always studied late in the evening.   To be more productive, I will make a conscious effort to study during my “peak hours.”

Recently I moved to Houston, Texas from Canada for work.   My company has placed me in a temporary apartment across the street from my office.   Realizing that having proper resources will have a critical impact on my educational success, I plan to spend a lot of time in my office after work hours and on weekends instead of working from my apartment.   At work, I have access to printers, scanners, paper, pens, flash cards and internet all at my fingertips discouraging unnecessary interruptions.

Other aspects I have never accounted for when studying are things like proper lighting, noise levels around me or smells.   Having poor eye sight I think I subconsciously do study with proper lighting however I usually always have music on when studying perhaps distracting me.   Prior to reading this unit, I would have never considered smells to affect my study focus zone.   The smell of coffee may not distract me however I could see cooking smells distracting me...