Product Promotion

Task 1
Promotion plan



We want to become the first Australian organization to offer a VET program for the Indian market. It is of interest to become an option along with the American and British schools for students of India and be the top Australian organization to offer these courses.

Create awareness

It is of our interest to also plant a seed in the mind of potential students because we offer a good opportunity to travel and learn also form another culture complementing the knowledge of the course.

Opening and controlling the market share

Before other institutions start to offer the same courses we want to establish our school as the most suitable option, be known for that and also set the table for other potential courses even of a different branch.

Close sales

The main objective of this plan, find enough people interested into travel to Australia for a VET course, in this plan we will detail the means and schemes to achieve this goal.

Our course

We offer business courses suitable for international students who also got the need for working and travelling. These are vocational courses ideal for complimenting any previous or future professional training.

Features and characteristics:
  * Part-time evening classes
  * Payment flexibility
  * Visa and international advice
  * Professional guidance

Target market

Indian business students between 20 and 35 years old, mid-class, good english.

We found this is the most interested group based on our previous experience with overseas students; further research will be performed though.

India is one of the emerging economies and has a big population, with more people con can afford overseas studies everyday it has become a very attractive market. Indian people are very hard-working, they are very religious and have very strong traditions.

Action Plan

The following plan has been thought within the time and budget constrains (1 year,...