Product Identification

Product Identification
Citizens of the United Kingdom cherish their pets.   Harrods Pet Kingdom is just another source for animal lovers to continue giving their furry children unlimited luxury.   Market needs identified a definite need for the establishment of an international Pet Spa service, backed with a brand name like Harrods to provide comfort to the world traveler.   By producing brand equity, “an important intangible assets that has psychological and financial value,” consumers of Harrods Pet Spa can expect the best possible services (Kotler & Keller, 2007, p. 137).   From Thalassotherapy mud baths to Reiki healing, a method in which positive energy is channeled into the animal, any service an animal lover desires will be found at the Pet Spa (Summer, November 2010).   Web cams that can be accessed on personal computers will also be offered reassurance to concerned clients who would like to check on their animals.

Justification for Choice of Product
Many owners treat their pets like children, and many products and luxuries they buy for personal use are now being purchased for pet use. Pet spa and day care facilities are becoming increasingly popular, and many current trends, like organic foods, homeopathic treatments, and luxury items, indicate the need for international pet spa and day care services (Entrepreneur, October 2005).   Creating a branded pet spa service will attract world travelers that journey abroad with their animals.
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