Process Design for Riordan Manufacturing

Process Design for Riordan Manufacturing
University of Phoenix

Riordan Manufacturing is a fortune 1000 enterprise that manufactures many different products including: Plastic Bottles, Electric Fans, Heart Valves, Medical Stents, and Custom Plastic Parts. This proposal package will discuss the MRP for the manufacturers, process design for the company’s production, supply chain for electric fans taking advantage of global opportunities, production forecasting, and an implementation plan. It will also include a cover letter detailing the coordination of aggregate planning and TQM for Riordan electric fans.

Process Design for Riordan Manufacturing
Riordan Manufacturing, Incorporated is a global plastics manufacturer and industrial leader in the field of plastic injection moldings (University of Phoenix, 2004).   Riordan Manufacturing operates a plastics plant in Hangzhou, China that acts as a decentralized unit of Riordan Manufacturing and produces electric fans (University of Phoenix, 2004).   The following proposal package will address a new process design focusing on all phases of the manufacturing of the electrical fan including determination of raw materials needed for production. The proposal will also outline the design to remove the bottleneck in the process to optimize it for meeting the demands of customers by supply chain concepts. Production forecasting for the electrical fans are discussed as well as the implementation plan of Lean Production using the Gantt charts.   Finally, the proposal will offer a cover letter detailing how to coordinate aggregate operations planning and Total Quality Management for the Riordan electric fans.

Material Resources Planning
Material Requirement Planning (MRP) is a production plan and an inventory control system used to manage a manufacturing facility.   Three objectives to the MRP systems are:   guarantee product and material availability to the customers, maintain a low-level of inventory,...